Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Good:  Snow day tomorrow!  I love snow days.  My job is great, but what’s not to love about a surprise vacation?  You can go back to bed.  Or watch TV in your pajamas.  I can’t wait to watch my 17-month-old play in the snow for the first time.

The Bad:  Tomorrow was scheduled to be the first day of class in our brand new school.  We have waited so long for this day!  Students would find their new classrooms, and be the first to put their belongings in brand new lockers.  We planned to break in our new auditorium with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.  Dignitaries and media were scheduled to be in attendance.  If ever there was a day when all the students and staff were looking forward to getting up and going to school, this would be that day.  I am sure we will look back and laugh at the irony.  This all started with a single Kansas storm.  Now, Kansas weather is keeping us from getting into the new buildings as planned.

The Ugly:  I already wrote out my lesson calendar for the next two weeks.  In pen.

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