Friday, April 8, 2011

A New Elephant

This is the time of the year when I finally feel like I can breathe a little . . . State assessments are over. The results were great, what was I worried about? (Well, there was one oh-so-frustrating exception that I want to blog about, but shouldn't.) And, I have my plans pretty much laid out for the rest of the year.

With all these things squared away, I really start to reflect on how the year has been. I try to focus on some areas to improve for next year, or just some new things that I would like to try. Then I make a long list, and delete some stuff until it feels halfway reasonable. I will get as much of these done as possible before school is out in seven weeks, do some over the summer, and then work on the rest during the next year.

Here is my list, and also possibly the titles of my next ten posts:

1. More meaningful lab experiences.

2. Video lectures and experimenting with inverted classroom.

Algebra 2:
3. Look for ways to go more in-depth with fewer topics (like this year with logs)
4. More effective use of ACT practice questions.
5. Look at order of topics (parent functions/transformations first?).
6. Look at how I teach/review factoring.
7. Make sure all topics are aligned to College Readiness/ACT Standards.
8. Look at homework collection/grading procedures.

9. Learn more about Common Core Standards, recently adopted in Kansas.
10. Work on atmosphere of partner cooperation/peer tutoring.

Despite my efforts to edit, the list is still a bit overwhelming.

This calls for the elephant-eating approach:

One. Bite. At. A. Time.


  1. Regarding #1, do you use Modeling Physics ( You can take a modeling workshop in the summer:

  2. How do you plan on aligning to ACT CRS? Will you be integrating Common Core as well?

  3. Runswithcompass, thank you so much for the info! I would love to attend a workshop, but I have a small child and need to spend summers at home. I am hoping to find more resources online. . .

    Misscalcul8, I mainly plan to review the topics for ACT along with my colleagues to make sure we aren't leaving anything out. Our students dont have to take the ACT, but we want to make sure the college bound ones are as prepared as possible. I am completely clueless about the Common Core! I am attending a two day conference this summer, so won't make any major decisions until I learn more