Monday, April 15, 2013

Sending My Friends to NCTM

First of all, I feel like I only blinked and there went three months. I subscribe to the "blog when you feel like it" philosophy, but I still find myself feeling guilty for such a long absence. 

To break my silence, I thought I would share something fun.

My two math teacher colleagues are going to NCTM this week. I am not. I am very sad about this, but I  am sure that I will get over it this summer, as I asked to be sent to #TMC13 instead. Yay!

I made my friends an activity book, to help pass the time during their very long drive from Small Town, KS to Denver.

They can earn 50 points for solving puzzles like this:

They can earn points for taking pictures of yellow cars, license plates, gas station/restaurant combos, and more.

There are games and drawing assignments:

A few activities are for my own entertainment:

And a few activities are designed to help me live vicariously through their experiences:

And finally, I am not above putting them up to stalker-ish behavior.

Have fun, friends! Learn a lot. I will miss you!


  1. I laughed out loud at the "Dan Meyer sighting" page. What a cute idea!

  2. I just got my picture taken with Dan Meyer at a conference on Thursday. It was fun to be in a room full of his groupies! He is soooo tall, 6 feet 7 inches

  3. I love this! Hope they reciprocate for TMC13.

    Can't wait to meet you there!


    PS - I've been to NCTM and TMC12, and you made the right decision. :)