Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Scenes From My Classroom

Here are a few this and thats from around my room. I have a lot more to write about, but for now this is all I can muster. I am full-on beginning-of-school exhausted.

Inspired by Glenn Waddell at TMC14, I thought I would use this progression of (h, k) forms. That might be changing (more on that later), but I still love my yellow brick road with ruby slippers to show where we are. I still want an emerald city, but at some point I needed to stop decorating and plan lessons. So that didn't happen.

(I printed a brick pattern on yellow scrapbook paper, then printed the equations on top of that).

My weekly schedule board. I felt really clever when I used a 2 for "two's day".

I downsized my supply baskets this year. Then I noticed that the red/green/yellow cups fit right on the handle. That's handy.

Red/green/yellow posters.

Pretty syllabus inspired by Sarah's post.

On the first day of school, I combined "telling them how awesome I am" with a plicker quiz. I asked the students "Which pet does Mrs. Gruen own?" and such. It turned out to be a yawner. There is nothing worse than boring the children to tears on the first day of school. I managed to make it fun by following up my quiz questions with little stories, but next time I will put the questions in a slide show and follow them up with a picture answer. When it comes to perfectly executing the first day of school, I am not there. YET.

I use an apple TV to project iPad and/or laptop in my classroom. As a security feature, I have to enter a 4-digit code each time I connect wirelessly. A different code is randomly generated by the apple TV every time, and last year I had a few students start to try and guess the code before it popped up. I thought I would start the year by having every student guess a 4-digit number for a fun on-going game. There could be a prize when someone's number comes up. I just set up a google form to collect guesses and students immediately started talking about probability! How many prizes will I need?

Finally, my buddies and I rocking our TMC shirts. Bring on the school year!


  1. Gruen! If I'd had a teacher like you...I'd probably have enjoyed high school math a LOT more! 5 Things I loved about this post + 1 idea + 1 request.

    1) Solo Cups. Elementary, my dear Gruen!
    2) 2sday! Heh, heh!
    3) You had me at "Pretty Syllabus."
    4) Holy Airplay Code! I love it!
    5) In re: to the solo cups...the "Ask your group first?" We do "3 before me." Ask your shoulder partner, then if they don't know, both ask their face partners. I only answer team questions.

    1) Idea. Here's something that was a game changer for me in coaching peers: Tip, Tip, Tell, Re-ask. It's CL. If only we had a REALLY long time together where we were looking for things to talk about in order to pass the time.....

    1) More P.M. Perhaps devote an ENTIRE blog post to it. I can't get enough P.M.

  2. Also: I enjoy proving I'm not a robot. Do you have to do that when you post on mine? Because honestly, EVERYONE should have to prove they are NOT a robot.