Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Most Read in 2012

My blogging slowed down a lot this year. I had half as many posts in 2012. This fall has been especially rough. I added some new responsibilities at school and in general have been all "How can I survive today?" instead of "Let's reflect on teaching practice and write about it" or "I tried this cool new thing I'd love to share".

I guess that is okay. I mean, I never wanted blogging to be this thing that stresses me out. I just thought it would be a way for me to stretch myself as a teacher, and it has. Just taking the time to think about what I am doing that is worth posting forces me to reflect and improve. If someone else can benefit from what I share, then that is a bonus!

I don't want to stay in survival mode, though. Here's hoping I can find the time to be more creative and adventurous in 2013!

Anyhoo . . . Last year I started the tradition of compiling my most-read posts at the end of the year, so here's this year's list (a bit shorter than the last one):

Green Pen is the New High Five:  I still use this on a regular basis in my classroom. A correct answer earns a green star and a green pen and the responsibility of coaching someone else near you.

Visualizing Volumes:  I used party decorations to show volumes of rotation in calculus.

Pieces Final Project:  Using function families and restricted domains to create a picture. Posting this resulted in a lot of great feedback which will improve the project for next time. This totally solidified my love for blogging!

2 PIzza Boxes and a Hot Glue Gun:  I glued together two pizza boxes to create privacy for test taking without moving desks. The truth: I discovered two incidences of cheating while using these. While they  will prevent accidental glancing around, they can't prevent deliberate cheating.

Factoring Before You Know How:  An activity to introduce (or practice) factoring trinomials.

Dry Erase Practice Folders:  Use recycled file folders and dry-erase contact paper (or laminating?) to create re-useable skills practice.

And one more post that wasn't read a lot, but I am just proud of it:

Teaching Students to Coach:  A nice little video that paints a perfect picture of how I want my students to work together.

Here's 2011's Top 10 List.

I also want to take a minute to thank all the very kind people out there in the math blogosphere. I started this blog thinking that I have received so much from all of you that I would try and give something back. The truth is that I could never compete with the generosity and kindness of the math teachers whose blogs I read, who also take the time to comment here and help me improve. I don't want to mention names because I know I will forget someone, but I am really grateful to be a little part of this community. Thanks to all, and happy 2013!


  1. I feel you! This year I haven't had nearly as much time to blog -- too busy! Cheers to you for being awesome, all the time!


  2. Your posts are always great! I think it's not about quantity but quality. Thanks for sharing. Your love for your students shines through very obviously in the creative things that you do. xox