Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Scenes From Summer, and What's Next

For these past eight weeks, I have thought very little about the teaching and learning of math. I spent about eight hours getting settled into my new classroom (still a ton left to do) and I have kept up with google reader (leave that thing alone for a week and it's out of control, am I right?). That is all.

But I have been doing some very important things. Like working on my flip-flop tan.

And a  family vacation in Colorado. We un-plugged for a week of hiking and relaxing. It could not have been more perfect!

And a six-day getaway, just me and the Hubs. This Kansas girl loves me some California.

As I prep for another year, I will be drawing from this inspiration:

1.  This quote from Rational Expressions' letter to a new(er) teacher, advising new teachers to toss a large part of their curriculum each year:
"Put it like this: you get smarter as you keep on at this job. If you use old materials, you're using the stuff that the stupider version of you made."
I like to think that I am always trying something new, but I will admit that way too much of my curriculum dates pre-2009 (the year that I became a parent and spare time became a distant memory). I started reading/blogging in 2010, so I am way smarter now. :) One of my goals this year is to toss lessons/units that are "just okay" to see what the smarter version of myself will do instead.

2.  Common Core conference.  I will be attending a 3-day conference with a focus on planning for implementation. I am hoping for some inspiration and direction. And fun times with my colleagues are certain to get me in the back-to-school spirit.

3.  Made4Math. This is right down my alley! I heart crafts. I have a few things up my sleeve that I hope to be rolling out in the next few weeks.

4.  Twitter Math Camp. I am sad that I won't be attending. Maybe next time. I hope there is a next time! For this year, I will be jealously waiting to hear all about it. So let's hear it, bloggers!