Monday, October 19, 2015

Expecting Turned Unexpected

I wrote my last post here on August 19, shortly after the first day of school. I was excited about learning all my students' names and looking forward to a great year. I had no idea that, just seven days later, life would change in so many unexpected ways.

On August 26, a routine doctor's appointment showed some significant concerns with my pregnancy. Instead of sleeping in my own bed that night, I was admitted to the hospital to deliver our baby four weeks early. Even though I had planned ahead and we had a great substitute teacher lined up, I had hoped to be a little more organized before beginning my maternity leave. The timing was unexpected.

Baby didn't tolerate labor very well, so at 8pm the following evening he came into the world via emergency c-section. After hearing our little boy cry, I heard someone say the words "cleft lip and palate". We had no idea. He always had a little hand covering his face during sonograms. 

Little Silas was having some trouble breathing, so the decision was made to transport him to a children's hospital in the big city three hours away. I got to see him for a few minutes before they took him away. There was no holding my newborn until the next day when, fueled by pain medicine and a lot of motivation, my husband and I made the journey to see him.

Baby's breathing stabilized quickly, but we were in the NICU for three and a half weeks as he learned to master the art of eating. We met lots of doctors and specialists, including the plastic surgeon who will later repair his lip and palate. Silas will have three surgeries during his first year of life . . . more when he gets older and as he grows. It is not a journey we would have chosen for our son, but he's a tough little guy. He's going to be okay.

What we did expect is how much we would love him. 

P.S. I don't suppose I will be blogging much this year, but I hope you will be patient with me. I plan to pop up in your reader again some day.