Monday, March 14, 2011

Scavenger Hunts to Share

Here are two scavenger hunts I've used in my classroom:

1.  Proportion Scavenger Hunt. For Kansas tested standard 1.3.A1, adjusting estimates, we teach students to solve by setting up a proportion. This is meant to correspond with that standard, but I think it would be a great activity for anyone teaching students to set up proportions from a written description.

This is posted by permission from the authors, Paula Miller and Kelly Hughes, from Arkansas City High School. I have been trying to persuade them to write their own blog, but no luck yet. Thanks for letting me share your activity with the world (or at least, with the 5 people who read my blog). You guys rock!

2.  SOHCAHTOA Scavenger Hunt. This one was hand-written by my 18-year-old student intern. It includes finding sohcahtoa given different types of information. There are degrees and radians, angles larger than 90, special triangles, and some unit circle questions.

My intern seemed pretty excited when I asked him about posting it here. If you find this to be helpful at all, or if you have any suggestions for him, would you leave a comment? Our vocational program is working with his future college to try and get him some credit for his pre-college/pre-teaching experience.


  1. Can you re-post the SOHCAHTOA worksheet. I keep getting an error when I click on the link.


  2. Hi Anonymous! The link is working fine for me. If you have an email address that you are able to share, I will send you a copy that way.

  3. Hi Amy. I too get an error trying to open the SOHCAHTOA worksheet. would you mind forwarding it onto me also?